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  • High ion exchange capacity
  • Improves fertiliser effectiveness
  • Effective for water repellent soils
  • 100% soluble for use through fertigation or spray equipment

Eco-Humate is a liquid form of humus, the natural brown substance found in fertile loamy soils. This liquid humate is a soil amendment for the purpose of water retention, nutrient buffering and boosting microbes.

Eco-Humate® physically increases soil fertility by holding fertiliser as a natural chelate for increased plant availability, whilst feeding the plant and microbial processes that build soil humus through plant root/microbial interaction.

Humus increases water retention in light, sandy soils by lining soil particles with an absorbent carbon sponge. Similarly, heavy soils are loosened by pushing clay particles apart, allowing infiltration and movement of air and water.

Eco-Humate® has both cation and anion exchange properties, meaning it can retain a wide range of plant nutrients. Eco-Humate® speeds the availability of lime and gypsum pre or post application; Slows nitrogen loss when mixed with urea; Increases the availability of phosphorus in high phosphorus buffering index (PBI) and high aluminium soils; and, increases potassium & trace element retention.

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