Eco Growth Winter Nourish
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This blend utilises 15 ingredients to condition and bring balance to your soil, helping create an environment to stimulate biological activity and produce a more complete and resilient turf. All this groundwork is being laid for the spring and summer whilst also maintaining a green top throughout winter.

It contains several forms of nitrogen in low levels to release at different stages to aid with nutrient uptake throughout winter whilst also keeping the growth low to protect the plant from cold weather.

The silica and calcium content will aid strong growth of the plant cells, which in turn will have the grass stand more upright for a better mow.

It contains humates to create richer organic matter and hold on to the nutrients being applied.

The remaining trace elements will ensure the plant has access to all the nutrients it requires in the soil for growth in spring and will assist with colour of the grass throughout winter.

This blend is best applied with the “little & often” approach. Suggested application is 15-20grams/sqm every 4 weeks from April through to early August. From mid August onwards as the temperature begins to rise again we suggest switching back to Emerald Turf for best performance.

Winter Nourish works best when watered in after spreading. Some ingredients will remain visible on the turf after watering in – this is normal. They are slow release items that will take time to break down in to the soil.


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