Indigo Contra M Duo 1L
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Contra M Duo 1L

A broad-spectrum herbicide used for the control of various broadleaf weeds that provides quick weed kill. Registered to control 38 weeds in turf. *Not to be used with Buffalo Turf. 1Ltr of Contra M Duo can treat up to 1530sqm.

It is registered for the control of a very broad range of dicot weeds in all turf management situations and several herbaceous weeds in general non-crop situations

Contra M Duo Herbicide is used for the control of various Broadleaf Weeds.

Key Features

  • Broadest Spectrum Weed Control. Labelled to control 38 weeds in turf
  • Quick Knockdown. Generally, kills weeds in 7-14 days.
  • Effective on both immature and mature weeds.
  • Controls tough broadleaf weeds such as Capeweed, Pearlwort, Fleabane, Creeping Oxalis and Wireweed.

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