Multifork Pro | Aerator – hand aerator
Multifork Pro | Aerator - hand aerator
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Advantages for the lawn:

  • Activates soil life
  • Improves compacted soils
  • Optimizes gas exchange in the soil
  • Promotes root growth
  • Eliminates problems with waterlogging

This ensures better gas exchange in the soil and the nutrients can reach the roots better. The soil life is activated, the roots of your lawn can grow much deeper and the lawn simply becomes healthier.

Problems with waterlogging and compacted soil can also be solved in this way.

A lawn that is regularly aerated with hollow and full spoons is healthier, less susceptible to disease and develops even better.

If the soil is compacted and clayey, it is recommended to fill the holes with washed sand. Ideally, this should contain no or only very small amounts of fines.

When it comes to hole spacing, we followed the recommendations from the professional sector . These are between 4 and 6 cm hole spacing – accordingly our hole spacing is 5 cm . The hollow spoons are conical and eject the cores very easily.

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